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Papa Gede, Papa Ghuede, Gede Limbo Lakwa, Feast Today

Papa Gede Limbo Lakwa is represented by an image of St. Expedite. Today is St. Expedite’s Feast Day. Today, Caballos of the 21 Divisiones will serve Papa Gede Limbo Lakwa by giving him his food, his candles, his coffee, and his gin.

St. Expedite is known all over the world for his miraculous abilities to get things accomplished . . . . and quickly. He is world reknowned! He is also well known for his ability to shower money onto people. His ability to send other dead to an enemy, read one’s fortune, get people out of jail quickly and much more. It’s no suprise he is associated with Papa Gede.

If Papa Gede walks with you, don’t forget him tonite!

Gotta run myself . . . . got a Gede service to do.

Read more about Papa Gede here:

Papa Gede

Kouzen’s Special Drink

Kouzen is often served with Kleren. He is also given coffee. However, initiates at GNL Sosyete are taught how to make Kouzen’s very special trempe. A trempe is an alcoholic beverage with herbs steeped within it, that is made as a drink for a Lwa.

Kouzen is well known for his knowledge of working with herbs and plants.

This special drink is made and offered to Kouzen. It also has several secretive magical and healing uses.

Kouzen Azaka And Djouba Beats, Taino Indians of Haiti

During Djouba service, we also change the styles of dancing. In fact, Djouba dancing is very particular and specific to it’s nation. There is no way to confuse it with any other. During djouba, people graze their feet across the ground and hop. Some say this hop comes from native Taino spiritual dances.

In some Sosyetes, they play a special set of instruments for Kouzen Fetes.

Kouzen Zaka – Lwa Travay

Azaka is a farmer. Just like an old time farmer, Kouzen is constantly working. Thus he is known as a Lwa Travay. Many Houngans and Mambos work with Kouzen for their clients and to do consultations.

The Djouba nation, which he belongs to as well as leads, is served slightly differently. During a fete, at this time, the Houngan or Mambo will switch from Asson to Tcha Tcha and from white candle to bouji. . . . . . . . .

Keep up with the blog as we continue to discuss Kouzen Zaka

Azaka, Lwa Patron of Work – Taino, Arawak Indians

Kouzen Zaka is a Lwa of the Djouba nation. Many individuals, mistakenly, think that he is a Rada Lwa. Rather, he is actually a member of the Djouba nation. This nation holds the secrets and mysteries of the Indians, the Tainos and Arawak Indians indigenous to the island.

Djouba is served right after Rada and right before the Nagos.

Kouzen Zaka Month

As you may be aware, this month many Vodouisants hold fetes for Kouzen Zaka. Azaka is the patron of work. In these hard, trying economical times, Kouzen is a Lwa that is absolutely needed.

If Kouzen walks with you, now is the time to serve him and keep him strong to keep working for you.

If you are in need of a Job, now is the perfect time to have a Houngan or Mambo light a bouji in the name of Kouzen for you.

Ogou Feray, Nago Nation, The Power of Ogou

Friday morning I had started to clean up the altar a bit, and in the course of doing such, I picked up a bottle that belonged to Ogou Feray.

Whew! As soon as I picked up the bottle, the enormous wave of his spiritual energy hit me. It made me dizzy, or saoule, as it is refferred to in the Vodou tradition. I had to rest my arm on the wall and slowly slide down into a chair.

It was so intense, I quickly yelled out to my wife, for fear of becoming possessed suddenly. She ran up quickly and using the secret techniques of initiates was able to calm Feray and have him let me go and not mount.

Feray had a message that day. When I regained control, I heard him yelling it out loudly. In this time, in this hour, many are in need of a Spiritual Warrior. Many have lost hope, are hurting, and feel powerless against the negative spiritual forces that try to stop one’s progress.

Ogou Feray will be able to help and assist us in fighting these battles. You can see for yourself. Many are out of work. Thousands are suffering. Sickness is in the land. And things seem to continue to get worse.

But . . . . there is hope. Met Feray is going to help his children rise. They will find. They will prosper. They will fly. He will fight the wicked, destroy the enemy, and bring unfading victory . . . .

Master of the Machete, he will use his machete and cut through any obstacles that lie in your way. He will fight your battles and win. He will find you work. He is reminding the Vodouisants, everywhere, that today is not the end.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Ogou Feray is an extremely fierce spiritual force. His abilitiy, strength, and forcefulness is awesome, intense and jaw dropping. He is best known for being a skilled warrior or soldier, though Met Feray can do just about anything.

If he is with you, you need not worry about anything coming against you. He is a very hot Nago Lwa, and we often refer to him as ‘Kok’. Kok means a fighting rooster. When Feray arrives to a party, he pick at people until he gets them possessed. Always looking for a fight and excitement, Feray is an excellent spiritual protector.

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May’s Vodou Spiritual Tip – How to remove wax from plates effortlessly

Vodou Spiritual Tip-
Remove Wax Effortlessly from your service plates

When burning candles on plates, here is the easiest way to make your plates easy to clean afterwards:

1. Melt the bottom of the candle and stick it to the plate
2. Take a small amount of Virgin Olive Oil and annoint the candle.
3. Place a thin layer of olive oil on all areas of the plate
4. Burn your candle

When you are finished, the oil will allow the wax remnants to slide right off.

Houngan Hector

More Voodoo

Hello fellow bloggers,

I hope all is well.

Last week was an extremely busy week, with Holy Week finally over, people were practically running each other over to get into the badji first. Tuesday, when the Badji opened, I had consultations from 8am- past 10pm . . . . . and all week it continued.

Saturday, we did a ceremony for St. Claire. It was a small but beautiful ceremony. This ceremony was a ceremony of payment and thanks. The individual who commisioned the ceremony was paying Metres Klemezin for fullfilling some promises and resolving the issues in her life.

Spiritually, there was alot of force! It was a very spiritually charged up ceremony and we had a beautiful time. We had many visits including . . . .

Danbala, LaSirene, Ezili Freda, Bosou, Ogou Chango, Ogou Feray, Sen Jak, Anaisa Pye, Metres Klemezin, of course . . . . . Danto, Papa Guede and more. . .

Wishing you a happy year,
Houngan Hector